Thursday, January 12, 2012

What used to be where the Lorain Public Library is today?

Okay, I've spent enough time down around 12th and Reid the last few days on this blog. Let's move up to 6th and Reid, and take a look at yet another gas station!

Here's an interesting photo and caption from the Lorain Sunday News of April 13, 1952. Apparently this Sunoco filling station used to be located where the present Lorain Public Library is today, at the southwest corner of Sixth Street and Reid.

The Lorain Library Board selected that location for the new library (to replace the old Carnegie Library). But when they began to acquire the parcels, they discovered that the Sun Oil Company had a lease on the property – for four more years.

The accompanying newspaper article basically said that the Board was willing to wait, since that location was so good. It stated, "The new library will located within a short walking distance of Lorain High School, St. Mary's Academy, the City Hall Building, local newspapers and radio stations. It will be in just the right spot for downtown shoppers to patronize."

Researching this service station didn't produce much information. I looked through the available city directories from 1950 on, and only the 1954 phone book listed Walker's Service Station at 608 Reid Avenue. So apparently the new library construction was delayed for at least a few years.

According to the online chronology of Lorain history compiled by the Lorain Public Library, the construction of the new library was completed in 1957.

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