Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midview Middie Mascot - 1964

Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I really like advertising mascots of any kind. That's why this mascot for the Midview School District in Grafton caught my eye while I was looking at old Journal newspaper microfilm in the library. (Plus, the Midview sports teams have been doing really well lately.)

The accompanying Journal article from September 10, 1964 explained that the emblem (named "Midview Middie") was chosen by the Build Midview Committee as part of a promotional fundraising campaign. "Middie" was going to be featured on decals that would be sold to raise money to sponsor an essay contest, a poster contest and other programs.

The mascot was selected because he "exemplified the combination of friendship, warmth, and forward look of the Midview district," according to the article.

I like the freckled little guy and his clean cut, wholesome looks right out of a 1950s or 60s comic book. He looks like he should have a slingshot hanging out of his back pocket.

Contrast "Middie" with the design of the current Midview sports mascot (below).

I guess times and tastes have changed! "Cute and wholesome" have given way to a burly, hairy "goon" look, dripping with testosterone. He looks like he doesn't just want to defeat the other team, he wants to pound them into senselessness.
Somewhere along the line in our culture, the concept of a sports mascot seems to have changed from that of a 'lucky charm' to that of a symbol that must project the strongest, manliest attitude – lest the team and its fans stand accused of being utter wimps. 
Although the cute "Middie" has long since been retired, apparently his message is still relevant. On the current Midview schools website, the first paragraph leads off with "The Midview Schools are on the move!"

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