Thursday, January 5, 2012

Century Park Dedication - 1925

An article in early December (here) about Lorain City Council applying for a state grant to renovate Harbor House in Century Park got me to wondering just how long that building had really been there.

As usual, I accidentally found the answer while I was looking for something else on microfilm last month.

The small article above is from The Lorain Times-Herald of Friday, May 29, 1925. (Give it a click.) It explains that the new bathhouse replaced the old dance hall, which had burned down in the summer of 1923, and that it was going to reopen on Decoration Day (now known as Memorial Day).

The article also explains that the building was being leased by William Heimann, a former life guard at Lakeview Park for three years, and that refreshments would be available at the stand. (Heimann later had a well-known business, Heimann's Barbecue, at 402 E. Erie Avenue.)

And here's the article from The Lorain Times-Herald of Saturday, June 6, 1925 featuring the newly-opened bathhouse.

And here's my shot from September for comparison.

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ge13031 said...

Interesting that this was one year after the tornado. Glens Beach, beat up by the tornado was never rebuilt.