Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cleveland Greyhound Station Then & Now

If you're doing a little traveling during the holidays – specifically a bus trip back to Northeast Ohio – then this post might be of interest.

The vintage postcard shows Cleveland's classic Art Deco Greyhound Bus Station. It's probably fairly new in this shot.

Over the years it got pretty run down. Then, the station, which had been built in 1948, got a much-needed facelift and it looks better than ever today. (This January 2008 USA Today article tells about the revamp.)

Anyway, during one beautiful autumn day last month I ventured downtown during lunch and grabbed this shot of the station.

Here's another vintage shot from Ebay from the other angle.

And yet another from Ebay.

And here's my corresponding shot. Cleveland's skyline sure has changed since then.

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