Friday, May 6, 2011

The Deutschof Part 3

Here's a 'then and now' view of the Deutschof.

Joe Deutch appears to have passed away around 1950. By 1952, the Deutschof was no longer in business  – but that wasn't the end of the good times at at 651 Broadway.

Around 1954, Danny's Bar took over the space, followed by a variety of other businesses, including Ben Hart (also known as Ben Hart Show Bar) from 1955-1963, The Tropics from 1964-1965, D'Agnese Restaurant and Lounge from 1966-1968, The Golden Nugget from 1969-1973 and The Angry Bull in 1974. (All dates are approximate and from the City Directory.)

Later businesses included Duffy's Lounge, Secrets Club and the current occupant, Old Towne Charleston.
I'm sure Lorain has a hundred stories like that of the Deutschof, in which a popular business thrives for a number of years, brings much enjoyment to its customers and employees, and then promptly disappears, leaving only memories along with some photos in a scrapbook.

I think it's important to try and tell as many of these stories as possible to keep those memories alive, and to let future generations know how special a place Lorain was during its 'golden years'.

If you have a personal connection to a business and/or some reminisces that you would like to see highlighted here on the blog, please send me an email. I have a couple of people already who are compiling photos and histories, and it is a pleasure to be able to provide a forum in which people can share special memories and good times.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

I was a patron of the Angry Bull from 1974 until about 1978 or 79, when it closed.....really cool place, dancers, very 70's.

kelli d'agnese said...

My grandfather was Peter D'Agnese Sr. of D'Agnese's resturaunt. I have very few photos of the outside and inside of the resturaunt. My father and his brother were in their late teens at the time. he also had a popular sandwich shop on root road in the 70s. Growing up people would always comment to me about the subs there. Great blog Dan~all around!

Dan Brady said...

Hi Kelli!

Thanks for the nice comment! I remember D'Agnese's on Root Road, the subs there really were excellent--the benchmark as far as I'm concerned! The funny thing is, it's hard to imagine that it even existed in that neighborhood if you drive by there today! The building has been modified as well.

Thanks again for posting,


Pennola Nolan said...

On July 11, 1942 my parents were married in the Smith & Gerhart window down town Lorain.

My mother Irene Ketchum was chosen as the "War Bride" through a contest that I have yet to learn about.

After the wedding ceremony my parents made an appearance at the Lorain Yacht club ball, and the the entire bridal party were guests of Harry Wong, for dinner at the Deutschof.

Pennola Nolan