Thursday, February 24, 2011

Midway Oh Boy Part 4

1974 Tiny Pines advertisement in the Lorain Journal; note the burger-boy yelling FORE!

For a while, Midway Oh Boy had an added dimension to the restaurant experience: golf. Take a look at this April 15, 1974 article from the advertising section of the Journal.
Tiny Pines Golf & Oh Boy: An Unbeatable Combination

About eight years ago Jim and Pat Wracker made an important decision to purchase Nel's Oh-Boy Drive-In, the home of the first double-decker sandwich in the county.

This year the sandwich celebrates its 22nd anniversary and the relocated Midway Oh-Boy Drive-In is going strong, along with other enterprises at the 6604 Lake Ave., Elyria, location.

Wracker and his assistant, Steve Frank, completely redesigned and renovated the "Tiny Pines" miniature golf course that the Wrackers bought a few years ago. The renovation has transformed the course into the best mini-golf course in the entire area. In addition, a mini-arcade is operated in conjunction with the mini-golf course.

Last year, Wracker and Frank constructed the Tiny Pines Driving Range, which includes a shelter area for golfers who wish to practice their driving in a light downpour. Also included with the driving range is a large patio area where golfers can relax before or after hitting a basket of balls.

This year Wracker and Frank have constructed another addition to the growing Wracker enterprises. The Tiny Pines Pro Shop carries a complete inventory of all types of golfing equipment and accessories, including such famous names as Hagen, Wilson Burke-Worthington, Wilson, Uniroyal and Worthington.

Frank, who manages the pro shop, indicates the Midway Oh-Boy drive-in is perfect for businessmen who want to practice their golf in the Tiny Pines complex, while waiting for lunch to be prepared. By the use of an intercom, golfers can order their lunch when they first arrive at the driving range, hit a bucket of balls, and then enjoy a delicious lunch prepared and served in the Oh-Boy Drive-In.

So if you enjoy golf and good food, stop by the Wracker's Midway Oh-Boy Restaurant Tiny Pines Golf complex, and have a heaping helping of both.

The Tiny Pines Golf complex is open daily from 11 a.m to 9 p.m.

I remember playing mini-golf at Tiny Pines during my high school years, long before I ever started eating at Midway Oh-Boy. Alas, all those wasted years! (Not eating at Oh Boy, that is – not high school.)
Later when I was learning how to play golf, I would hit many a bucket of balls at the Tiny Pines driving range. I don't know if I accomplished anything, but at least I could pick up an Oh-Boy afterwards.

Next: I wrap up this Oh Boy Love-fest!


Ken said...

Seems like there was a pool hall there once. Went in there several times in my lean years for a pitcher of beer and to shoot pool-- during the off season, of course, when the putt-putt was closed!

ohiobeachguy said...

Makes me want to go for an O-Boy. I grew up on the east side of Cleveland where we had a Manners drive-in which did similar sandwiches. It also served as a great hangout for guys with hot cars, etc.

I've just started a lmj blog focused on the Lake Erie shore and would be interested in any lakefront history you might have. I saw your Lakeview Park article.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Scot,

We do have several beachfront parks (some with beaches) in Sheffield Lake. I've been told that they were created back when Sheffield Lake was just a cottage community as an enticement for people to buy and build here. I'm in the middle of researching a few of these little developments and whatever I find will show up here in the blog eventually.

Good luck with your interesting blog and your larger issue of improving public beaches.