Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Midway Oh Boy Part 2

Nelson and Millie Krugman, the original owners of Midway Oh Boy (photo courtesy Chronicle-Telegram)

Midway Oh Boy was founded back in 1953 by Nelson and Millie Krugman.

Where Midway Oh Boy began back in 1953
The restaurant wasn't originally located where it is now; it was a little bit north down Lake Avenue near where Fenik's Corn is today. (The addresses in that neck of the woods were renumbered at some point, so the restaurant's original Lake Avenue address doesn't officially exist anymore. But the building is still there.)

When the restaurant opened, it was originally known as the Midway Drive In. This name can be found in early phone book ads, as well as on a vintage ash tray that I purchased at a Castalia antique shop more than twenty years ago.

Here's an early Elyria phone book ad from 1955.

And here's that ash tray that I mentioned.

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Kelly said...

This is so cool to see! Mildred and Nell are my great aunt and uncle. My grandpa made the oh boy sign. My aunt just celebrated her 95th birthday! My mom remembers the diner as a big teen hangout years ago.