Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The History of 3700 Oberlin Avenue

Ever since I started this blog almost two years ago, I've been feeding you the history of the building at 3700 Oberlin Avenue (above) piecemeal. Of course, many of you recognize it as Mutt & Jeff'sBut during my last update, a regular reader of this blog named Bill noticed that I had overlooked two other businesses that had called that address home. So I had to go back and do a little more research.

What follows below is a compilation of my research so far.

I still haven't determined exactly when it was built, since that information for this building is not on the Lorain County Auditor's website. But as early as 1939, it was the residence of Penny Morgan, who rented rooms to tourists.

Listing from 1939-1940 City Directory
From around 1942 until about 1962 it was the Airport Tavern, taking its name from the airport that was located nearby at the corner of Meister Road and Leavitt Road. At that time, there was nothing out this way (since it was outside the city limits) but farms and the airport.

1942 City Directory ad
April 1958 Lorain Journal ad
Around 1962, the Airport Tavern became the Sherwood Inn. (This is what I remember the place as being while I was growing up.)

1973 Lorain Phone Book ad
From about 1982 to 1983 it was The Trademark.

Next, it was Scardi's in the 1984 phone book.

And since 1984, Mutt & Jeff's has called 3700 Oberlin Avenue home.

Special thanks to Bill for filling in the gap in between the Sherwood Inn and Mutt & Jeff's.

Most Saturday nights, you can find my wife and me at Mutt & Jeff's, sitting at the same table near the bar, enjoying the great food, the ambience and most of all, the company of the warm, friendly staff. Brenda (our favorite), her sister Becky, Tracy and the rest of the gang make Mutt & Jeff's a special place for their customers and growing group of regulars.

If you've never tried one of their excellent burgers, by all means stop in and try one – or anything on the menu for that matter. You might just get hooked and become a regular yourself. (But please – don't take our table!)

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Randall Chet said...

I too remember it as Sherwood Inn, then Mutt & Jeff's. Last time I was there was probably 1985 or 1986 while home from college and meeting friends from AKHS. I'll be sure to stop in on a Saturday night next time we're in town!