Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Act of Pizza Treason

This weekend we did the unthinkable. We tried another pizza instead of Yala's.

I know it sounds insane. There's an awful lot of transplanted Lorainites in other parts of the country that still pine for a pizza pie from the ovens at 3352 Oberlin Avenue.

So why did we commit this act of pizza treason? No special reason. It's just that every once in a while, it's nice to try something different. 

In this case, the something different was a Selenti's Pizza. (That's their mascot at the left.) They're still at 808 Oberlin Avenue, like they've always been.

Back here, I had mentioned that back in the 1970's, my family would get a Selenti's Pizza instead of Yala's every once in a while. Maybe because my Dad drove right by Selenti's on the way home from work.

We enjoyed our Selenti's pizza this weekend. It's a totally different pizza than Yala's. It still had the same kind of puffy, bready (is that a word?) crust that I remembered from the 1970's. And their cheese was kind of tangy.

The store inside was impressive in that you could tell the owners truly cared about the appearance. And their 'pizza by the slice' gimmick seems like a great idea. Here's a link to the Selenti's Facebook page.

Lorain is truly fortunate to have so many family-owned pizza parlors. While Yala's may still be the pizza king in my book, there's plenty of room for everybody, even the pizza place down at the other end of Oberlin Avenue.

(Gee – now I feel like I've cheated on Rosie's Pizza!)

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Terry Thomas said...

Back in the 1970's Selenti's was in the small shopping center just south of the tracks on Oberlin Ave. I still enjoy it now. Did you ever try Lusca's at around 29th and Broadway back in the '60's? There was Rosie's, Giovanni's Yala's and Lusca's to choose from back in the 1960's. All were great in their own way.