Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lakeview Park Part 2

Here's a look at the old Lakeview Park bathhouse before it was torn down in 2006 (photo courtesy of the Chronicle and the Lorain County Metro Parks) and a vintage photograph of it from the Black River Historical Society's website. (Click here to visit their website to see this and other great photos.)
   Looking at the BRHS photo, it's kind of neat to see the original brick building before it was 'renovated' with the fake facade.
   My family thinks I'm nuts, but I'm not real crazy about the new bathhouse built by the Lorain County Metro Parks. It's nice – and a great homage to the original bathhouse destroyed in the tornado – but it's... well, too nice. I miss the old one, where you could go in there with your wet swimsuit on and get an ice cream cone.

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