Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good tastin' - nourishin' too! That's Hillbilly Bread!

There are several things that I like to buy at Nickles Bakery. They include Texas Toast, New England Split Top Weiner Buns, Donut Fair Donuts (sorry, Bob) and –  Hillbilly Bread!
   (If you click here, you can visit the Nickles Bakery corporate website and see all the goodies they make right here in Ohio.) 
   I'm disappointed that Nickles no longer makes Corn Toasties. Corn Toasties were little round cornbread cakes for your toaster that came stacked in plastic trays. I used to load up my freezer with them like a World War II - era food hoarder.
   At least Nickles still makes Hillbilly Bread. It's just a nice, soft wheat bread, but I love the package design. The hillbilly character is great, and hasn't changed over the years.
   Just like Nickles Bakery. 


Anonymous said...

but they don't sell it anywhere anymore!!! I WANT MY HILLBILLY BACK!!! NOW!!!! :o(

Judy said...

I use to love Hillbilly bread. We would toast it and spread peanut butter on it. The peanut butter would become soft and creamy. Yumm...Great combination.

Anonymous said...

I remember a TV commercial for this, voiced by Max Baer(Jethro Clampett).

Anonymous said...

Hillbilly Bread (same label) was also distributed by Snyder's Bakery in Yakima, Washington. Good eatin'. I'd love to have a T-shirt with that logo on it.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there some sort of wood particles in the mix?