Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Faroh's Easter Ad – March 21, 1972

For many of us that are getting up in years, it's hard to imagine growing up in Lorain and celebrating Easter without candy from Faroh's. The company's distinctive chocolates, packaged and labeled with the well-remembered candy cane logo, was an integral component in many an Easter basket.

Anyone who visited the main showroom at the Henderson Drive location in Lorain will never forget the unbelievable selection of goodies.

Above is an almost full-page ad from the company's heyday that ran in the Journal back on March 21, 1972. It lists many of the firm's signature products, such as its delicious cream eggs.

Faroh's Finest Chocolates are still available today at Broadway Boutique and Treats on the first floor of the Ariel Broadway Hotel. To my taste, it's not quite the same as I grew up with – but at least the brand is still around in the 2000's.


So what is your favorite Easter candy?

Growing up, I was never a fan of the Fruit & Nut eggs. (My siblings and I weren't exactly nuts about nuts.) But I liked just about anything else, especially white chocolate. The Russell Stover cream eggs were pretty good too.

These days, as I slowly proceed into dotage, I find that I like Peeps® the best. I've eaten several cartons of the Cotton Candy Flavored variety already. They're light, and satisfy my sugary cravings. 

And the Party Cake ain't bad either!

I suppose before Easter has passed, I'll have to try some of the (*yawn*) original yellow Peeps®.

I like these things too (below). They're like Nestlé Crunch bars in the shape of a rabbit. And they're cheap!


Anonymous said...

Faroh's was always a stop when my mother and I would ride around the city on our bicycles in the summer.I remember going to the downtown location and getting a chocolate ice cream cone all the time as a cool summer treat.And I remember walking up that little ramp they had when you went in the shop.Probably my favorite Easter candy now is good old fashioned classic jelly beans.

-Alan D Hopewell said...

Favorite Easter candy? Cadbury Creme Eggs, no doubt, although I can't scarf down mass quantities as in the past.
(Peeps, Dan... seriously?)

Don Hilton said...

I only like Peeps when they're stale-stale-stale. Jelly beans are pretty good, red ones and black ones, mostly.

When I was a youngster, any chocolate, no matter the brand was good chocolate. That changed in my tween years when I finally managed to eat too much and grew so sick that thought I was going to die. I still can't eat too much of it without wooziness.

My little brother preferred white chocolate (yuck). This was a strategic move to prevent his bigger brothers from raiding his Easter basket.

Buster said...

I would eat most any type of candy or chocolate when young (well, maybe not Peeps), but these days I confine myself to dark chocolate - which, come to think of it, has always been my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Reese's peanut butter filled chocolate bunny. That is the only correct answer.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Alan! Hope you are feeling better. Yes, I have eaten a lot of Peeps® so far this Easter season (I don't wait until Easter Sunday). I do buy some chocolates, usually the Palmer brand Double Crisp bunnies wrapped in foil. They taste like a Nestles Crunch Bar and are nice and cheap. And I'll probably stop at Brummer's in Vermilion to get some white chocolate.