Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Lorain Street Names Linked to Golf Greats

Although many of Lorain’s streets are designated by numbers, letters and states, there are many streets with interesting names.

Some roads have significance for local history – such as Day Drive or Root Road. Others honor local war heroes, such as Major Lofton Henderson or Corporal John Danley.

But did you know that Lorain has streets named for famous golfers?

Here they are. Can you name them?

In order, top to bottom, they are Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrickson Zaharias; Harry Vardon; and Ben Hogan.
Whoever named the streets obviously was paying tribute to the fact that they are located on land that long before was part of the Lorain Country Club golf course. I wish I knew who gave the streets those names.
It’s funny, but I was not aware of the golf connection with these streets until a few years ago, when it was pointed out to me in an email. 
While growing up, I had heard of Hogan Drive, or knew someone who lived on it. But I wasn’t too golf savvy in those days, and the name probably made me think of Hogan’s Heroes.
Later, when I took up golf (briefly) in the late 1990s, this book (below) was my trusty go-to manual. I still remember the main grip that I used, and try it out once in a while.


Anonymous said...

I like how the other streets in the area are named after Robin Hood too.Too bad that area is getting run down.Just another "Leave It To Beaver" type neighborhood that has seen better days.

Anonymous said...

A friend of my Mom's moved on South Hogan. It was a brand new home at the time. I remember a steep drop off in the backyard. The home I remember had a "sunken" den. Wasn't there a Sherwood Forrest sign somewhere? Rae

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Worthington Ball Company that was in Elyria? They produced Ben Hogan branded balls many years ago. My grandmother worked in that factory in the 60's.

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for the comment about Worthington Ball Company, I had forgotten about that. The company turned up in a "Passing Scene" comic here:


On that same post is a link that leads to a website with a great article about the company's history, with plenty of photos.