Wednesday, May 23, 2018

New Sandy’s sign – June 17, 1968

Last week I did a post on the Grand Opening of Sandy’s in Elyria back in May of 1962.

Regular blog reader Lisa left a comment on that post, recalling that the restaurant sign with the likeness of “Sandy” used to slowly twirl around, simulating a Scottish dance.

Well, Lisa has a good memory.

Above is a photo of the sign in front of the Lorain Meister Road outlet that accompanied a promotional article in the business pages of the June 17, 1968 Lorain Journal. The article noted, “Ray Voit, manager, is particularly proud of the new Sandy’s sign in front of the restaurant which is decorated with American flags, American beauty roses and evergreen shrubbery."

It’s kind of cool seeing that Sandy's sign again, and the Pure gas station next door. It’s such a familiar site if you grew up in that part of Lorain, like I did.

Here’s a 1955 view of that same Pure gas station, when it was all alone on Oberlin Avenue.

I’ve mentioned several times how back in the 1960s, Sandy’s was our fast-food hamburgers of choice. The closest McDonald’s was down on West Erie, so Sandy’s was much closer being only a few minutes away.
Not that we had Sandy’s very often. It was a rare treat. I do remember at least one or two times that Grandma came over for a visit (in her big ol’ 1963 Buick LeSabre) and brought a bag of Sandy’s hamburgers and french fries. I used to pick the pickles off mine, and generously gave them to her. “Thanks for the hot, wet pickles,” was her unenthusiastic reply.
To see one of the surviving twirling Sandy signs up close, click here to visit the always interesting website.


Anonymous said...

Bottom left you can see the sign for the old Lawson's store

Anonymous said...

When did it switch to Hardee's? We grew up on 30th, and that's what I remember. I do see the Lawson's sign! I remember riding up there on our bikes in the early 80s with nickels and dimes to buy candy. -Theresa

Dan Brady said...

According to its Wiki entry, Sandy’s merged with Hardees in late 1971. In the Lorain City Directories, the change occurred in the 1973 edition.

Rick said...

The Pure gas station on Oberlin Ave. and Meister Road was opened and operated by John "Jack" Zakowski after the location of his first station, Jack's Sunoco, was purchased and replaced by the new Lorain Public Library. Since his station was just down Meister Road from the Lorain City Airport, he became quite close friends with Bill Long who owned the airport. When Bill Long passed away in the early 1970s, he left the bulk of his estate, $250,000, to Mr. Zakowski whose comment when he found out about the bequest was "you gotta be kidding me"!