Thursday, September 7, 2017

School’s Back in Session – 1932

Although school starts in August for today’s kids, I still think of early September as being the beginning of the school year.

Vintage local newspapers seemed to always address the start of the school year with at least one article on the front page. Here’s one that ran in the Lorain Journal on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 1932.

Lorain, Amherst Pupils Have Week More Vacation;
Rural Enrollment Figures Boosted

The long summer vacation at an end, some 13,000 pairs of feet went marching back to school in Lorain-co today as parochial, rural and Elyria schools began their 1932-33 term.

Another 11,000 children will have another week to wait, as Lorain public, St. Mary’s academy, Zion Lutheran and Amherst schools do not open until next Monday, Sept. 12.

St. Mary’s was the only Catholic school to delay the start of the new term. Repairs to the building have made it necessary to delay to start, according to Rev. J. J. Johnson. The Zion Lutheran parochial school also begins at the same time as public schools in Lorain. East Carlisle begins tomorrow morning.

The opening of school is the biggest of all fall events. It touches more lives intimately than any other happening.

At most of the schools the opening day was a brief one. Children remain only long enough to get their book lists and assignments. Classes do not get underway until tomorrow.

No enrollment figures are yet available, but are expected to be announced within the next day or two.

The only big increase in enrollment is expected in the rural schools where officials predict a gain of about 300. This is some indication of a back to the farm movement.

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