Thursday, May 18, 2017

Name That Menu

Back in April 2013, I wrote about a 1953 promotional film about Lorain entitled “LORAIN – An Industrial Empire In Ohio’s Vacation Land.” It's full of familiar Lorain landmarks, such as the Easter Basket in Lakeview Park, as well as rarely seen images, such as the long-gone Civil War statue in Washington Park.

The film is still on YouTube, and every time I watch it I seem to notice something new – some little detail that I overlooked before.

Recently after I watched it again, something caught my eye. In the section of the film featuring Lorainites dining out, there’s a brief scene of some people passing around some menus.

We don’t get a good look at the front of the menu – just the back.
But there’s no doubt as to what restaurant the menu is for, because one of those menus is up on Ebay right now. Here's the back seen in the film (below).

I'm sure by now you've guessed which restaurant it was.
I like the "Li'l Abner" broiled pork chops on the menu!
By the way, there's another menu that's featured briefly in the film in a similar scene (below).
Can you guess what restaurant it's for?
If you guessed, "The Showboat" – you are correct!

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Lisa said...

I've noticed that frog legs are on many menus of that era. Wonder why? And how many menus today use an adjective such as "fresh killed" to describe an item?