Friday, July 8, 2016

Huron’s Main Street – Then & Now Part 1

Since yesterday's post was about Wileswood Country Store in Huron, let's linger in that town today as well.

Above is the well-known postcard of Downtown Huron that was coincidentally sold at Wileswood Country Store. It's a reproduction, as you can tell by its caption on the back: "Looking North on Main Street, Huron, Ohio in the late 1950's…in the heart of Lake Erie Vacationland."

For an interesting comparison, here’s a postcard that was recently on Ebay (below). It shows a wider view of the same portion of Main Street at an undetermined later date.

As you can see, the Shoe Box took over the Huron Food Center location at 356 Main Street. A quick look online reveals that the Shoe Box was there as early as 1966, and was still listed in the city directory in 1970 (the only Huron directory available at the Lorain Public Library).

Here’s another vintage postcard of Downtown Huron (below). It shows Main Street from the other direction, looking south from the intersection with Cleveland Road West.

Here’s another vintage postcard of that same view looking south.

Today, Huron’s Main Street has a totally different look and alignment, thanks to urban renewal.

The same portion of Main Street covered in the two vintage photos has a zig zag in the middle of it (below).

Since that aerial photo was taken, Huron in 2015 has connected the the two disjointed segments of Main Street, creating once again a continuous route north of Cleveland Road (which you can read about here).

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