Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Demolition Aftermath Update: 32990 Lake Road in Avon Lake

A little less than a year ago, I blogged about the gradual demolition of the house at 32990 Lake Road in Avon Lake in a two part series (here and here). That's it above, in a photo courtesy of the Lorain County Auditor's website.

Here's a shot (below) from my series of demolition photos from late May 2014.

Almost a year later, a fine new home (below) has been constructed on the site and seems to be getting its finishing touches. It's positioned slightly to the east of where the old house sat. (It's the same big tree in both shots.)
I really like the new house. Although it's a lot larger than the old house, it seems to be designed to look like it was a small house that was gradually enlarged over the years. Plus, it's not a garish architectural monstrosity that you often see squeezed onto a lakefront lot previously occupied by a humble cottage or ranch. The architect had plenty of room to work with here but designed a charming, tasteful house that seems to fit in with Avon Lake's personality.

Here's another view without the fence.

By the way, the old carriage house is still standing (below). I hope it continues to be a part of the property as a historic link to the past.

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