Monday, September 15, 2014

The House Overlooking the Golf Course Part 1

If you're driving along Kolbe Road in Lorain and happen to look west towards the well-manicured golf course of the FoxCreek Golf and Racquet Club, you might notice a large, stately white house in the distance.

Turn west onto Longbrook Road and the house looms into view, dominating the wooded, country vista.

Like me, you might have assumed that the house is merely a 1960s or 70s colonial, built by a professional man – perhaps a doctor or lawyer – who wished to be close to the golf course. 
A view of the house from the vantage point of where Beaver Creek flows under Longbrook Road
But the house's stylized facade is quite deceiving, and belies the history to be found within its walls.

Please stop back here for tomorrow's post, where you can read a 1961 Lorain Journal article that reveals some of the surprising history of the house.

Aerial view of house courtesy of Bing Maps


Unknown said...

Isn't that the P.C. Campana house?

Unknown said...

I tried to comment here earlier but it wouldn't post for some dumb reason so here is attempt #2: I always had the impression that this was an old farmhouse from the 1800s - that the golf course was once the farmland.

Dan Brady said...

Hi guys,
I didn't find any indication that it was owned by the Campana family. Unfortunately that part of Lorain was outside the city limits until the 1960s and is very hard to research!

Jeremy is right on the money of course, as you will see in the article on Tuesday.