Friday, February 21, 2014

Yala's Pizza Ad – February 2, 1957

Pizza was one of my favorite topics on this blog when I started it back in 2009.

That first year, I wrote about Yala's Pizza, the Pizza House, Pizza Hut, Rosie's Pizza and even held an online Favorite Pizza Poll that I intended to be an annual thing (but somehow forgot to ever do again).

So what pizza am I ordering these days?

If it's just me – batchin' it all by myself – it's got to be Rosie's. But if it's the spouse and me, the pizza of choice is Selenti's. We both like their nice, thick golden-brown pizza with that pleasant, slightly spicy sauce.

Another reason we like is Selenti's is their location near the northern end of Oberlin Avenue (which is convenient for a Sheffield Laker like me). Plus, I like chit-chatting with their friendly counter help and the owners (fellow Admiral King alumni) as well.

That's not to say we don't like Yala's anymore. In fact, we ordered a Yala's pizza a month ago and it was great as ever, tasting exactly as it always has. I've even gotten used to their drive-thru (although I still don't like being trapped behind someone picking up their pizza early).

And Yala's is still the pizza that transplanted Lorainites want when they come home to visit.

Which brings me to today's post – a simple Yala's ad from the pages of the Feb. 2, 1957 Lorain Journal – 57 years ago this month. Note the ad touts that "Wonder-Dough" mentioned back in this ad.

Do they still use "Wonder-Dough" at Yala's?

I'm still wondering. Does anybody know?

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Jeremy said...

I wonder what all else was on that side of Oberlin Ave or around there when Yala's first opened up?