Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lake Breeze House of Harmony – 1955

When it came to housing developments in Sheffield Lake, the Lake Breeze area was where the action was in the late 1950s and early 60s.

Yesterday I posted a 1960 ad sponsored by Ohio Edison that spotlighted a model home in Lake Breeze Estates that had all the latest in General Electric built-in appliances. Well, in the interest of equal time, here's an ad (above) for an all gas home – nicknamed the House of Harmony. The all gas home was part of the Lake Breeze Manor development.

The ad ran in the Lorain Journal on August 1955. It was actually a follow-up ad. A few days earlier, a full-page spread in the newspaper announced the premiere showing of the House of Harmony on August 14, 1955. It was to be the first of 60 new 3 bedroom ranches.

Price tag for the home was $14,950.

The developers even had a celebrity to cut the ribbon to the model home: Miss Vacationland for 1955, Miss Delcie Hall. She was assisted by Mayor Sidney Jordan.

Anyway, I was able to locate the House of Harmony (and its sibling homes) on Lake Breeze fairly easily, thanks to the map in the ad and information on the Lorain County Auditors website.

Here's my shot from late last fall. It's still a nice house in a nice neighborhood.

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