Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1911 G.A.R. Parade Postcard – Where Was It Taken?

I posted this 1911 postcard of the G.A.R. parade yesterday, but neglected to mention that I had researched where this photo was taken.

As the newspaper article stated, the parade formed at the Loop and marched south on Broadway to Ninth Street, then over to Washington Avenue, north to West Erie and disbanding at Washington Park – so this view was along Broadway. But where?

The clue to the answer is the sign for Anton Pathe - Merchant Tailor seen at the top of the photo. His business was located at 675 Broadway in several City Directories from that time period (1912 and 1915).

So the photo was taken between 6th and 7th Street, with the marchers heading south on Broadway. Here's the today view, courtesy of the bing search engine website. The orange pushpin is where Anton Pathe's tailor shop was located.

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