Friday, November 19, 2010

Tornado-damaged House Then & Now

Here's another photo from that Lorain, Ohio 1903 Souvenir and 1924 Tornado book at the library. I recognized this house too and knew it was near Lakeview Park.

It's still a chilling sight to look at old photos showing the extent of the 1924 Lorain Tornado damage.

It's funny to think of it now, but as a young kid in elementary school, I used to worry about tornadoes a lot because of the 1924 Lorain Tornado. It probably didn't help that the The Wizard of Oz was on TV every year either, with its terrifying cyclone sequence! (The 1965 Palm Sunday Tornado made it even worse – and proved that it could happen again!)

Anyway, here is the corresponding present-day photograph. Looks like that part of town healed pretty well.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

I remember the first time I saw the photos from the '24 tornado...the Corinthian Grill, which used to be near the RR crossing on Broadway, had an exhibit of photos from the tornado in its entrance; it usedto creep me out when I'd see them, especially as I remembered our family driving past Pittsfield the day after Palm Sunday of '65, and seeing the destruction from the day before...the only thing left standing was a statue near the road.

Ken said...

I had forgotten all about the Corinthian Grill.

Rachel Shoemaker said...

Wow! That's an Aladdin kit home! The Villa is the model.

Rose said...

Did you know that - as Rachel said - that is an Aladdin kit home, "The Villa"?

That was one of their biggest and best homes, and I had no idea there was one in Lorain!!

This house was shipped in 12,000 pieces by train, and came with a 75-page instruction book that told the homeowner how all those pieces and parts went together!

Very nice house!

To see an original catalog image, click here.

Jeremy said...

The house at 1119 W. 5th St appears to be another type of Aladdin Kit Home almost as big as the Villa model.