Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1968 Cleveland Indians Scorecard Part 2

Here's another ad from the 1968 Cleveland Indians scorecard that is a bit of Cleveland history: Carling's Black Label beer.
According to the book Cleveland Food Memories, the Carling Brewing Company started out in 1933 in Cleveland as the Brewing Corporation of America. As the popularity of its Black Label Beer and Red Cap Ale grew, the brewery expanded beyond its original northern Ohio market to become a national powerhouse.
The memorable "Hey Mabel" campaign, created by the Cleveland advertising agency Lang, Fisher & Stashower, greatly contributed to the Black Label brand's popularity and ran for almost twenty years. (I only remember the jingle from the radio.)
Unfortunately, the Cleveland plant was closed in 1971, just a few years after this ad ran in the scorecard. The local plant was sold and became part of C. Schmidt & Sons Brewing Company.
Click here to visit a website that is a nice tribute to this great brand of beer. ("Mabel' image at right courtesy of


Ken said...

Okay, I admit it: I voted twice. Miller High Life rules!

Dan Brady said...

Miller? I haven't drank Miller regularly since the old 3.2% days!