Friday, August 3, 2018

Entertainment Ads – August 3, 1949

Sixty-nine years ago today, a Lorain Journal reader would have been looking at the entertainment page above. The collection of ads ran in the paper on August 3, 1949 and provides a nice selection of restaurants, movies and other attractions.
There are a few interesting ads for places I've never heard of.
Near the top of the page is an ad for Kiddieland Park, located at 4647 Oberlin Avenue. Also of interest is an ad promoting 12-inch hot dogs at Four Corners Drive-in at the intersection of North Ridge Road and Leavitt Road.
The Warner Brothers Palace was about to feature one of those live stage shows designed to scare an audience. In this case, it was Dr. Neff's Madhouse of Mystery. (Click here to learn more about Bill Neff and his midnight spook shows.)

Elsewhere on the page is a wide selection of movie choices. (No Bowery Boys, strangely enough.)

Out in Avon Lake at Stop 65 – a name which recently was restored – Neptune’s Daughter (1949) was about to begin its run, starring Esther Williams (featured on this blog last week) and Red Skelton.

At the Ohio Theater, the movie Illegal Entry (pretty topical these days) was part of an upcoming double feature, along with Arctic Manhunt.
The Dreamland and Pearl theaters were both giving away a free electric roaster, which would have come in handy if you had Chicken Every Sunday (the name of the feature at the Pearl).

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