Monday, July 25, 2016

Snider’s Shore Acres Near Vermilion

Continuing with my Vacationland theme (which is also a vacation from my regular Lorain County topics), here’s another lakefront business that catered to tourists: Snider’s Shore Acres. It was located about a mile west of Vermilion near Coen Road. As a ‘tourist court’ (the predecessor to today’s motels), it offered cottages to vacationers who wanted to relax by the beach.

The great vintage postcard above shows it to be a tidy, cozy little place.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about its history. However, the back of the postcard above included a capsule description:

Snider’s Shore Acres
C. H. Snider, Manager
R.F.D. #2
Vermilion, Ohio

This new modern camp located on U. S. 6, one mile west of Vermilion, Ohio. Private bath in every room, hot and cold water, innerspring mattresses, large grounds, seven hundred feet of beach.

Here are some more vintage postcard views.

Today, the property is Shore Acres Mobile Home Park. Like me, you’ve probably driven past its entrance at 13407 W. Lake Road without even knowing it.
Are any of the cottages still there? I drove out there back in May to find out. 
Although it appears that the original cottages are gone, the main building with the two dormers (seen on two of the vintage postcards) is still there (below). As you can see, it’s undergone extensive remodeling.
Here’s an aerial view showing its location.
And here’s a Bing Maps aerial of the whole property.
Judging from a few of its residents, who waved to me as I drove through the park, it’s a nice, friendly place. 


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Google's satellite view shows a different view for the same address "13407 W. Lake Road "

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No, It was the way I was looking at it, sorry.