Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lakeland Lodge Revisited

Vintage Postcard
A recent photo of the great Lakeland Lodges sign
Just a little bit west of Snider’s Shore Acres (the subject of yesterday’s post) is Lakeland Lodges Motel. The small cottage resort is located one and a half mile west of Vermilion.

I did an earlier post about Lakeland Lodges back in 2012 (here).

The back of the vintage postcard above (published by Richard Koontz, Vermilion, Ohio) shown above gives a nice description of the place in the old days:

Lakeland Lodge, 1 1/2 Miles West of Vermilion, Ohio on Routes 2 & 6. A seasonable, strictly modern Motel on the shores of Lake Erie. Catering to Weekly Reservations. Most rooms with Kitchenettes. Splendid private beach. 3/4 of a Mile from Public Golf Course, Dancing, Tennis, Bowling and other forms of Recreation and fine Restaurants near by.

Here’s another vintage postcard view (below).

Since Lakeland Lodges is still in business, the description is pretty accurate. As to be expected, some modern amenities are now offered; cottages are equipped with air-conditioning, heat, cable TV and Wi-Fi.

Here’s the link to the Lakeland Lodges website. It includes some photos of the cottages today, such as this one (below), seen on the far right of the vintage postcard.

Courtesy Lakeland Lodges website
And here’s the best I can do as for a “now” photo to match the vintage postcard at the top of this post.
It’s nice when some things in life don’t change, and Lakeland Lodges appears to be one of them. I’m sure their longtime customers are glad.


Anonymous said...


I'm loving the "Vacationland" series! I have lots of fond memories (as a kid with my parents and as a teenager) driving up and down Lake Road from East Harbor State Park to Miller Road Park in Avon Lake for picnic and summer fun. I always wanted to stay at one of those Lake Erie cottages, but it didn't make sense living in Lorain (as my Dad would say). But we did stay at the Breakers Hotel once in the late 60's when it was still a sprawling 1,000 room hotel! It was showing its age then, but really cool to explore as a kid (not to mention Cedar Point)!

Thanks for rekindling these great memories.

Chuck Short
Jackson, MI

Dan Brady said...

HI Chuck,
Thanks for leaving the nice comment and reminisce! I love that stretch of Route 6 too, especially from Vermilion to Sandusky and never get tired of its sights. I have a few one-shots on the blog that stray off the theme for a few days, but I have a few more Vacationland posts planned for next week. Gotta head out and grab some photos this weekend!