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Cicco's Tavern Part 2

It seems strange and intrusive today, but the front page of the Lorain Journal on June 26, 1957 was dominated by the news that a Lorain policeman had purchased Cicco's Tavern. Here's the story as it appeared in the Journal that day.

PURCHASED BY POLICEMAN – Here is the former Cicco's Edgewater
Tavern, on W. Lake Rd. about three miles west of Vermilion, which has been
purchased for an estimated $40,000 by Patrolman John F. Kochan of the 
Lorain Police Department. The building is being remodeled.
Lorain Patrolman Buys Tavern in Erie County At Estimated $40,000

Patrolman John F. Kochan, 40, a member of the Lorain Police Department since 1945, has purchased the former Cicco's Edgewater Tavern on W. Lake Rd. in Vermilion Township for an indicated $40,000, according to records in Erie County Courthouse, Sandusky.

Meanwhile, extensive interior and exterior remodeling of the building is taking place, for which Kochan obtained a building permit in Erie County Courthouse on April 1.

Kochan's building permit listed an estimated cost of $4,500 for "new siding, flooring, ceiling and paint."

A warranty deed filed with Erie County Recorder Carl A. Spier last Oct. 9 shows that the lakefront property, located about three miles west of Vermilion was transferred to Kochan from Edith M. Cicco and her husband, Lewis Cicco.

Cicco, a former Lorain policeman, was a member of the Lorain "booze" squad in the late 1920's which cracked down on bootleggers.

A total of $44 in real estate revenue stamps is affixed to the warranty deed, indicating that the property was bought by Kochan for $40,000.

A mortgage deed recorded in the Erie County recorder's office last Oct. 10 shows that Kochan obtained an $18,000 loan on the property from the Citizens Home and Savings Association Co.  of Lorain.

Kochan began making monthly payments of $180 to the lending association last Sept. 27, according to the mortgage deed.

The mortgage deed specifies that the loan be repaid within 10 years at 5 per cent interest.

Asked about the purchase of Edgewater Tavern, Kochan said, "No comment."

A moment later, Kochan declared, "I'm an investor. I'm getting the place in shape so I can sell it."

Kochan, a bachelor, became a city policeman on Oct. 1, 1945, and in this capacity earns $370 a month.

He lives at 3565 Toledo Avenue.

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