Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cedar Villa Italian Restaurant

My posts last week about Cicco's Tavern and Cicco's Spaghetti Sauce reminded me that I had a jar of Cedar Villa Italian Restaurant's trademark sauce in my pantry.

I picked up my jar of Cedar Villa Pasta Sauce earlier this year at the Vermilion Farm Market.

I had recognized the Cedar Villa name and cartoon mascot on the label from various billboards out by Sandusky through the years. I'd never been to the restaurant (which was located on Route 6 across from the entrance to Cedar Point) and assumed it was still in business; I was disappointed to find out it was closed.

Here's a vintage postcard of the restaurant, courtesy of

The back of the card reads:

Italian Restaurant
1918 Cleveland Rd.
off Cedar Point Causeway
Sandusky, Ohio 44870

The Best in Italian and American Food, Closed Monday.
Tues, thru Sat. – 11 A.M. to 4 A. M.
Sun. 11 A.M. to Midnight
Your Hosts – The Spadaro Bros.

An article in the January 2008 Toledo Blade, written at the time of the passing of Maria Barone, who with her husband George owned and operated Cedar Villa and two other Italian restaurants, provides a history of the restaurant. According to the article, the Cedar Villa restaurant was opened by the Barones in the early 60s. (Their previous restaurant, George and Maria's Drive-in and Restaurant, was located at 1717 Cleveland Rd. and also specialized in Italian foods, including homemade ravioli.)

The Spadaro Brothers ran the restaurant until it closed in 2005.

Here is the link to the 2012 obituary of Concetta Spadaro (sister of Maria Barone), who worked with her sons at the Cedar Villa Restaurant from 1973 until 2005.

A Google Maps view (below) of the property shows that the Cedar Villa building is gone.

And here's an aerial view showing where it was located relative to the entrance to the Cedar Point Causeway (which is seen at the top right of the photo).
Although the restaurant is gone, their signature pasta sauce lives on. Here is the link to the official website.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

I’m loving the Vacationland series. It brings back memories of life along the lake shore. Our family took frequent Sunday drives (remember those) east or west along Lake Erie stopping at parks like East Harbor and Lakeview for picnics. When I was young, I thought it was pretty cool that people would come to our area for their vacation.

Jackson, MI

Wireless.Phil said...

Dig deeper!
They have a facebook page, not much on it.

And it is also the same address and the old restaurant.

Founded in 1977, Spadaro Bros Inc. is a small organization in the hotels and motels industry located in Sandusky, OH. It has approximately 4 full time employees and generates $105,357 in annual revenue.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the comment. I did see that they operate the motel adjacent to their old restaurant, but wasn’t sure there was a good reason to mention it from a nostalgia viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

How old is that pasta sauce????

Dan Brady said...

Oh, it’s fresh! I bought it out at the Vermilion Farm Market a few months ago. I’ve just been too lazy to cook up spaghetti!

Terry Cicco said...

I see all of these posts about cicco's sauce. My father was Richard Cicco. His father owned a restaurant in vermilion back in the 50's I think. Any info would be appreciated. My e-mail is