Thursday, January 28, 2016

Signs of Change in Sheffield Lake

It looks like change is coming to Sheffield Lake, at least when it comes to some of the city's longtime businesses and commercial strips.

As shown above, the city's lakefront high-rise luxury apartments – formerly Erie Shore Landing – are now The Perch on Lake. Its website lists its newly renovated apartments and Clubhouse as just a few of the amenities. (I still like the original name – Lakeside 10 – best, though. It has that Southern California beachcomber feel to it.)

Over at Duff Corners at the intersection of East Lake and Abbe Roads, a sign is up for Dee's Lakeside Billiards. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any online mention of it yet. But it would be nice to have something in there at such a high profile intersection, and I hope it works out.

Longtime residents remember the various gas stations that were there, as well as Donutville and Fraam’s Restaurant. I’m still bummed that Sun Hardware is closed next door, as the staff were always friendly and helpful.

Lastly – although it seems to be taking a while – it looks like Amber Oaks (a favorite topic on this blog here and here) is preparing for an eventual reopening.

A message on the sign at the end of last summer (at right) read, “SEE YOU SOON,” as well as “NEW MENU." Work has been going on both on the inside and outside of the restaurant, and the owners have been sprucing it up nicely.
There has also been some chatter about Amber Oaks on the "You know you're from Sheffield or Sheffield Lake if…" Facebook page, mostly speculation about the hours of the restaurant once it reopens.
Here’s hoping that these and all new businesses in Sheffield Lake enjoy much community support, as well as success.


Anonymous said...

A friend used to call Lakeside 10 (which it will always be to me) Cliff Dwellings and the residents Cliff Dwellers. Rae

-Alan D Hopewell said...

Lakeside 10 is the name that comes to mind, for parties ( and party supplies) back in the day.

Wireless.Phil said...

"The Peach on The Lake" is a terrible name, this isn't Georgia where everything has peach in the name.

Before Amber Oaks, to the west was a small restaurant and bar my parents and I used to go to, but he sold it and it was shuttered, then Amber Oaks popped up just to the east or it. I'm talking back in the late 50s or very early 60s.

The owners of Amber Oaks may have bought the old place just for the land?

-Alan D Hopewell said...

That's "Perch", Phil.

Dan Brady said...

Phil, it may have been Dorothy and Elmer's. Copy and paste this link in your browser for my post on that tavern.

It was just to the west of Amber Oaks and the building was eventually replaced by the Convenient Food Mart.

Anonymous said...

Dee's Lakeside Billiards is now open!! Room is beautiful, classy and has all Diamond pool tables!! Open at 6pm - 7 days a week!!

Dan Brady said...

Glad to hear it is open and good luck! Hope it is a big success.

Here is the link to Dee's Lakeside Billiards Facebook page, where you can see photos of the beautiful interior:

Lisa said...

There was a Mexican restaurant at the corner of Abbe and Lake in the mid 1980's but I can't recall the name. Good food.

Dan Brady said...

I looked up the Mexican restaurant in the city directories and found it in the 1987 edition. It was called Los Panchos Authentic Mexican Restaurant, and was run by Mr. David Arredondo.