Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shoreway Motel – Then & Now

I saw the above postcard on Ebay recently and recognized it as one of the motels on West Erie Avenue in Lorain slated to be torn down. Since I only had postcards of three of the four motels in their heyday, I needed this one of Shoreway Motel to complete my demolition collection. Fortunately, no one else was interested in bidding on the postcard, and it was easy to win it.

Back here, I provided some history of the motel. It started out as the Beth-Shan Motel and Trailer Court around 1953. It was known by its current name by the time of the 1960 city directory.

The place was up for sale in 2010 and included 20 mobile homes along with the 12-unit motel as part of the purchase. Today, the motel is scheduled to be barricaded by July 18th, and demolished by October of this year.

Here's my "now" shot from the holiday weekend. I tried to photograph it at the same time of day as that of the vintage postcard.

It just might have been one of the last opportunities to get a nice photo of it.

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