Sunday, August 29, 2010

Own a Lorain Mom & Pop Motel on US 6

The short commercial strip of motels on US 6 as you approach Lorain from the west has always fascinated me.

I think back about Lorain's glory days of the 1950's and wondered what it would have been like to be passing through Lorain on old '6 and 2' (US 6 and State Route 2 as it was known back then) and need to find a room for the night. If that was the case, or perhaps if you were spending some of your vacation in Lorain doing some fishing or boating, then you might have stayed in one of these motels.

There's several of them that were there in the 1950's and are still there now.

Well, if you ever had a hankering to run a motel in Lorain on US 6, one of those vintage motels is currently for sale. The Shoreway Motel and Mobile Home Park went up for auction at the beginning of August and still is for sale.

This particular motel has been there since around 1953. Back then the motel was known as the Beth-Shan Motel and Trailer Court and its address was merely "Stop 109 West Erie Avenue". By 1957, it was one of the listings described as being on the 'dead end' and had 4000 West Lake Road as its address. By 1960 the motel had its current name.

The real estate listing notes that it has had the same owner for more than 20 years and includes a 2-bedroom owner residence. It occupies a 1.12 acre lot and includes not only the 12-unit motel, but 20 mobile homes.

For me, the best part is the vintage COLOR TV by RCA sign. It's a classic!

For the real estate listing on the Barck Auction & Realty website, click here.

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Ken said...

I wasn't sure about staying there until I saw that RCA sign. Now that I know I'll be able to watch F Troop, Andy Griffith, and various Quinn-Martin Productions in Living Color, I'm sold.