Thursday, April 30, 2015

What used to be in that building at 2834 Broadway?

I haven't done one of these in a while–where I photograph some arbitrary building, and then research it in the library to find out what business originally called it home over the years.

In this case, however, I already knew what longtime Lorain business was located in this building at 2834 Broadway. Do you remember?

Perhaps like me, you had your senior pictures photographed by John J. Gargus at Gargus Studio. If so, then you most likely had them shot in this small box-like building.

1955 Lorain Phone Book ad
The original Gargus Studio was located at 1561 E. 33rd Street, from around 1946 or so until about 1948. Beginning with the 1949 directory, the business was at 2834 Broadway.

The studio continued to be located here even after Mr. Gargus retired in 1977. The business finally disappeared from the city directory beginning with the 1983 edition.

I had thought that perhaps some other businesses preceded Gargus Studio at this location and that's what I was hoping to find out. But according to the city directories, the original building in the back was merely a residence before that, hosting various tenants at the same time. So it appears that Gargus Studio was the first business in the front addition to the house.

Interestingly, the Lorain County Auditor website has the house listed as being built in 1875.

You can read more about John Gargus here.

Some of the subsequent businesses that called 2834 Broadway home include Ritenauer Real Estate (mid to late 1980s), Century 21, Mid Town Security AgencyComputer Exchange and West Furniture.

I still chuckle when I look at my senior pictures. It was a very hot day in July when they were taken, and I was wearing an uncomfortable, heavy brown jacket that was not unlike a bearskin rug. And I was wearing shorts, since they weren't going to be in the camera frame.

I didn't wear a jacket and shorts combination again until my honeymoon in Bermuda.

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Anonymous said...

I had my senior pictures taken here! I knew what it was right away.
Frank Kurowski---1980 LHS graduate