Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Parade of Vintage Ads

Easter is this Sunday, so here's a few vintage Easter-themed ads from the pages of the Lorain Journal.

First up is a big ad (above) from March 27, 1947 for a chain drugstore that I'd never heard of before: Peoples Service Drug Store. Although it sounds like something that should be located on Red Square in Moscow, it was located at 430 Broadway from around 1930 to the late 1940s.

Peoples Service Drug Store was part of the Peoples Drug chain. It was a very old chain, dating back to 1905. It eventually became part of CVS. You can read about the history of Peoples Drug here.

Looking at the Peoples Service Drug Store ad, I think a few of the plush dolls look like genetic experiments that went awry.

Next are a couple of ads for iconic local restaurants promoting their 1959 Easter Dinners.
The Hoop Drive-in on Henderson Drive offered a full course dinner for $1.50. You had your choice of fried chicken, broiled steak or baked ham.

And lastly, the Saddle Inn in Avon Lake was advertising its own delicious full course dinner, although the menu was not revealed.

I don't think I've ever eaten Easter Dinner out (I'm not counting Easter Brunches), although it crossed my mind this year. But in the end, the HoneyBaked Ham won out. Plus, you can make soup out of the bone.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to the Brady's!

Thanks for the memories.


Dan Brady said...

Thanks, Rae! Hope you have a great Easter too – and don't forget to head down to the Basket on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting together this blog! I just spent the past hour skimming old posts. Like you, I'm also interested not only in the history of places but what's there now... what it used to be and what it became and why. Keep up the good work!

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you like the blog!