Monday, September 8, 2014

Augie Kolyno's Barber Shop

Back here, I wrote about the small building at 1815 Oberlin Avenue that once housed the business of Lorain builder O. A. Hafely. Well, as regular Brady Blog reader and contributor Rick Kurish pointed out, the small building was better known later as the location of Augie Kolyno's barber shop.

The address first showed up in the city directory in 1930 as the office of O. A. Hafely. By 1937, however, August Kolyno's barber shop was sharing the address with Hafely.

1948 Phone Book Listing – the earliest I could find
The two companies would continue to share the address until the late 1940s.

According to Rick Kurish, Mr. Kolyno was very devoted to horses and horse racing. He not only had pictures of horses hanging on the walls of his shop, but owned several horses as well.

Here's a small article (courtesy of Rick Kurish) that appeared in the Medina County Gazette at the time of Mr. Kolyno's passing in June 1970.

As for the building, Holland Furnace Company replaced Hafely as the co-tenant of the building in the 1950 directory. It would continue to share the address until the 1963 book, when Augie Kolyno's Barber Shop had the building to itself.

In the 1964 directory, Canalos Vending joined the 1815 Oberlin Avenue address. It continued to appear in the book until the 1968 edition.

It was in that 1968 directory when Ellis Barber Shop replaced Kolyno Barber Shop. Ellis Barber Shop was by itself in the 1968 and 1969 book, before being replaced by another hair-related business, the Wig-Wam Shop (which sold wigs) in the 1970 book.

In subsequent years, tenants for 1815 Oberlin Avenue included Gumina Construction (1972 - early 80s), Lakeside Plumbing & Heating, Gold Construction, Nelson Teleclinic, and Gold Development.

As of the late 1990s, it appears that the building has been exclusively a residence.

Thanks to Rick Kurish for his help with this post.

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