Friday, May 30, 2014

Grab Bag of May Ads

Well, May is almost over, so here's a potpourri of miscellaneous ads that ran in the month of May for businesses that aren't around any more. (Think of them as Blog Leftovers – not enough for a full meal individually, but enough to fill you up if digested as a group!)

First up is this ad (below) for the Corral Drive-in. It ran in the Lorain Journal on May 25, 1962.

The tagline in the ad – Buy'em by the Sackful – sure makes me think of White Castle's longtime slogan, Buy'em by the "Sack." (Maybe that's why the Corral wasn't around very long.)
I first wrote about the Corral Drive-in back here. Note the mention in the ad of Jay's Sparkle Market.
Next up  – from the very same newspaper on May 25, 1962 – is this ad for Golf Arena.
Golf Arena? I hadn't heard of it either. The ad says it was located on Route 611 between Abbe Road and Miller Road.
It must have been some kind of franchised business, unique enough that Joe Bialko, the owner and distributor was about to use the registered trademark symbol for his Golf Games®.
So where was this place located? I don't know! When I went to the library to look it up in the directory to get its address, I was disappointed to find out that Sheffield Village wasn't included in any of the vintage city directories – or even the county ones. The books skip right over that chunk of Colorado Avenue and picks it up at either end!
Here's hoping someone enjoyed some hearty Golf Games® back in the early '60s, and can tell us what it was like and where this place was. I take this stretch of highway on the way home every night and I have no idea where it could have been.
Last up – call it the Cheesecake Department – is this ad for Lorain Country Club out on Beavercrest Drive on the west side of Lorain.
The ad ran in the Journal on May 2, 1971. I wonder if the model was the photographer's girl friend? I'm guessing the photo and layout was part of a package of clip art or ready-made ads that the Journal had available in their art department.
Anyway, it's interesting to remember the days when all those local swim clubs (including the Carousel and the Riviera) were competing for members. Maybe it's because there wasn't much of a beach at Lakeview Park in those days (and the water was polluted anyway.)
Please don't ask me about any of the swim clubs. Although I had a buddy or two that belonged to them, my family did our swimming down at good ol' Findley State Park or East Harbor State Park.


Rick Kurish said...

Golf Arena, miniature country club? I also drive this route regularly, and have for many years-- but I can't remember anything like this. The interesting part of this ad is the fact that this is a relatively short stretch of road, and, from memory, mostly residential.

Is it possible that this was a precursor of Camp Wa-Hoo? I believe Camp Wa-Hoo dates from around 1970. From the internet, the address of Camp Wa-Hoo is 5504 Colorado Ave. An old directory (1957) listed a Joseph Bialko living at 5451 Colorado Ave. Fairly close to the campground.

Bialko is a fairly well known name in Sheffield, if I remember correctly a Bialko was mayor a number of years ago.

Anonymous said...

That Lorain Country Club ad caught my Eye, at least part of it did!!! Bill N

Wireless.Phil said...

Went to East Harbor once.
I asked dad to go again and he told me a storm had washed all the sand away, much like what happened to old Lakeview Beach.

I looked into that not long ago (maybe he lied to me), and its true.