Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Before it was Meyer Goldberg's...

Here's something I didn't know.

I always thought that the Meyer Goldberg's on Oberlin Avenue was the original tenant of this distinctive building that so many of us spent so much time in through the years.

Not so, according to this April 29, 1962 photo and caption from the Lorain Journal. It was originally built as a Jay's Sparkle Market.

I don't have an exact date, but by late 1965 Meyer Goldberg had taken over the location.

Portion of 1965 showing store locations

And here's a photo of what the building looks like today as a Family Dollar store.

Thinking back, I think my mother shopped for food wherever she could save the most money. Through the years, she shopped for groceries at many different places, including A&P (remember Ann Page products?), Krogers, Meyer Goldberg's, various Sparkle Markets and Edward's Food Warehouse.

As a side note, when I lived in Columbus during my OSU years in the late 1970's, the only grocery store I remember shopping at occasionally was Big Bear – including the chain's original store near Ohio Stadium. Unfortunately that chain is now in permanent hibernation.


Anonymous said...

pot pies 12 cents! Staple at my house. We shopped at the A and P on the east side or we went Krogering. I cant believe the Big Bears are shut down in Cols. Also in Cols I remember shopping at at Jumbo? store and elephant atop a big drum sign

-Alan D Hopewell said...

Let's hear it for....

And long live FLIGNER'S!

jack said...

Yes remember when the Lorain Plaza was stores from one end to the other and we used to go to Meyer Goldberg Big Town Esco

Dan Brady said...

I remember going behind Lorain Plaza looking for pop bottles and then taking them – all full of mud – to one of those grocery stores! And riding our bikes to Grants to look at the pet turtles!

Anonymous said...

I remember cashing in pop bottles at Goldberg's on Oberlin Avenue and earning some money by helping to unload the truck which unloaded by rollers. Also going to Krogers in Lorain Plaza and reading Mad Magizine while my mother shopped. Do you remember Casey's near Meister road?

Wireless.Phil said...

I still had my first teddy bear from Goldberg's up until the late early 2000's when tech went in the crapper and I lost everything in storage.

Sharon Diane said...

I grew up in the house across the street from Jay's Sparkle Market. Desiree Styling Salon was located in the glass enclosed loft in the back of the store.