Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Dog 'n Suds' 54th Year – or is it?

Although I'm a little late announcing it here on the blog, I'm really happy to note that Dog 'n Suds has been open for a few weeks. I've already eaten there once (after a stint last week on Jury Duty in Elyria), and I enjoyed my usual light, healthy lunch of a footlong coney dog and large root beer.

Despite the fact that Dog 'n Suds has been a favorite topic on my blog since 2009, I'm still not exactly sure how long the drive-in has been there out on North Ridge Road.

Various ads for the restaurant in the Chronicle over the years have been doggone inconsistent.

A Grand Opening ad ran in the Journal on July 1, 1966. A 1973 ad states "8 years at same location," putting the opening in 1965. A 1979 ad mentioned "15 wonderful years," which would make the opening about 1964. A 1981 ad invites customers to "Celebrate with us our 17th anniversary" so it seems to favor the 1964 date. A 2008 Chronicle article mentioned that the restaurant opened in 1957 and was purchased by Ilene Hampton in 1961. And lastly, a sign at the restaurant right now reads, "CELEBRATING OUR 54TH YEAR."

It doesn't really matter when it actually opened. I'm just glad it's still there – it's the last Dog 'n Suds in Ohio. Along with the Dinner Bell over on Lake Avenue, the drive-in helps keep Lorain County a magical place to live, where time stands still and things don't change much from year to year.

So be sure to head out to Dog 'n Suds and help Ilene and the drive-in celebrate their anniversary – whichever one it is!

A July 1, 1966 ad from the Journal
An April 17, 1969 ad from the Chronicle-Telegram
A March 29, 1973 ad from the Chronicle-Telegram
A Feb. 21, 1974 ad from the Chronicle-Telegram
A March 21, 1975 ad from the Chronicle-Telegram
A May 23, 1981 ad from the Chronicle-Telegram
A May 17, 1982 ad from the Chronicle-Telegram


dbhewitt63 said...

I happened to come across a Dog 'n Suds in Jonesboro, Arkansas, although in operation it was very run down.

Owen Dabek said...

Supposedly there is still another in Greenville, OH. Although the Dog 'n Suds website says its called B J Concessions.

Dan Brady said...

That's interesting. It looks as though the company may operate some Dog 'n Suds branded food trailers and travel around to fairs or something. What's really surprising is that the 'official' Dog 'n Suds website doesn't show Ilene's in the Ohio location list.

Linda Jean Limes Ellis said...

Yes, we ate there the Saturday before Palm Sunday. It is great to see that it is open once again. Thank you for posting its history, Dan!