Friday, February 7, 2014

Vintage School Bus Shelter on Colorado Ave.

The view back in mid-January
I've driven passed this vintage bus shelter on Colorado Avenue (Route 611) thousands of times since I began working in Cleveland. Recently, I've wondered: how long has it been there?

You don't see these things very often anymore.
Back in the late 1970s – when I was going to Ohio State – one of my roommates used to convince me to blow off classes for the day (it didn't take much convincing). We'd jump in his Maverick on a Spring Quarter day and head out into the Central Ohio countryside, and we'd see these bus shelters all over the place. The bus shelters in this style usually had some commercial advertising on them, or the logos of the civic groups that sponsored them.

The shelter on Colorado Ave. at the entrance to Orchard Court doesn't have any ads or sponsorship on it – at least not now. It's gotten increasingly beat-up in the last 20 years and the once-legible safety pennant atop it is pretty much unreadable at this point (below).

Anyway, if anyone has any knowledge of who installed the shelter, how long it's been there or even if it's still used by the Sheffield - Sheffield Lake School System, please be sure to leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

I texted my friend this morning who grew up on this street and he said it was put up in the mid 60's. It seemed like it was always there.

Dan Brady said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to text your friend and find out that information! I appreciate it!