Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cascade Park in Vintage Postcards

The Ford
Cascade Park in Elyria has been featured on a variety of postcards through the decades, and they are a common find on Ebay. In fact, all of the postcards on this post are on Ebay right now. So if there's one you need for your collection – get your bid in!

I'm admittedly ignorant about Cascade Park. I've pic-a-nic'd there a few times, but it's been years since I walked a trail there to see the Falls. So these postcards are a nice reminder of its many features for me.

The Falls are a perennial favorite to be depicted.

Other park highlights featured on vintage postcards include the Black River and the Basin
This one is postmarked 1954
This one is postmarked 1910
The rock formations have also been the subject of a few cards through the years.
This one is postmarked 1912. Is that Huckleberry Finn?
I'm definitely going to plan a visit to Cascade Park this year to reacquaint myself with its natural beauty. I even know the way there now! (I stopped there last weekend to snap the shot of the sign.)

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