Monday, June 3, 2013

Bruce Horner Parkway

Over the weekend I was up and down Oberlin Avenue several times (a very rough ride, with all the construction related to the installation of new water lines). But I did manage to grab this shot of the recently installed sign honoring Army Sgt. Bruce Horner, who was killed in action in June 2007 while serving in Iraq.

The sign designates West 26th Street between Oberlin Avenue and Ashland Avenue as Bruce Horner Parkway. The sign is right across from George Daniel Field and just a short distance from the former Horner home.

Both of the local newspapers did excellent, touching stories about Bruce Horner.

You can read The Morning Journal's story from May 21 here. It features some nice video and some comments by my old A.K.H.S. Marching Band pal Rev. Doug Horner. The Chronicle-Telegram's heartfelt article ran on Memorial Day and is very well-written. It contains interviews with Doug, as well as a look at how the whole Horner family has always given back to the community.

Anyway, the sign is a wonderful tribute to Bruce. It's hard not to get choked up standing in front of it, knowing that the Horners lived just a few doors down.

I'm thrilled for the Horners that Lorain did this to ensure that Bruce isn't forgotten in his old neighborhood.

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