Friday, June 28, 2013

1924 Lorain Tornado Headlines

Well, today is the 89th anniversary of the infamous 1924 Lorain Tornado, and I thought it might be interesting to look at the front page of the local newspapers to see how it was reported.

As we all know, the tornado struck on a Saturday afternoon, so it wasn't reported in the newspapers until Monday, June 30, 1924.

Above is the front page of the Lorain Times-Herald. Unfortunately, the newspaper that was used for the Lorain Public Library's microfilm looks like it went through the tornado as well.

I had better luck with the front page of the Chronicle-Telegram from the same day.

Click on each for a larger, readable view.


Dorene from Ohio said...

Such a sad event in Ohio history!

Dan Brady said...

Hi Dorene,
Besides the tragedy of the deaths, it certainly changed the look of Lorain's downtown forever.

Loraine Ritchey said...

My house was built after the tornado in 1926 a mother and daughter supposedly built the two houses on one lot so we now only have a 33 ft frontage. however we were told the house that used to have 1129 address was "retired" and we jump from 1127 to 1131 because the house that had been there had been destroyed and a person killed. I was trying to find the address in those newspaper clippings to verify but couldn't .very sad and I often this of the ghosts of the past who walked these streets

Julian said...

So glad to find this! My grandmother was the only surviving member of her family (you can see her brother's name "Leonard Richards (11)" in the list of the dead. Family legend suggests that she survived because, unlike the rest of the family, she didn't rush for shelter. She was hard of hearing, and stayed reading on the couch when everyone else fled to the cellar and didn't make it. The house collapsed, but the sturdy couch protected her from the falling beams.