Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Edna's Restaurant on Routes 6 and 2

The Routes 6 and 2 map that I posted yesterday was fairly intriguing, full of businesses that I'd never heard of: Edna's Restaurant, Roman Villa, Willow Restaurant Motel and others. Like many of you, I wondered where these places were located and what happened to them. So, I'll be spotlighting some of them on the blog.

First up: Edna's Restaurant

The restaurant's description next to its place on the 1957 map read, "On Routes 2 & 6 just past the underpass – Stop 111, "Lorain's Newest, Most Modern Family Restaurant."" So where was it, anyway?

Since Edna's Restaurant was there for more than a decade, it was easy to find a real numerical address for it in a later book: 4875 West Erie.

Anyway, here is the restaurant's 1958 phone book listing (below).

1958 Lorain Phone Book Listing
Edna's Restaurant later became known as Edna's Hitching Post Inn. Here's a July 1963 ad that appeared in the Journal (below).

July 4, 1963 newspaper ad

Then, in the 1973 book, the restaurant's listing became Romo's Restaurant & Lounge.

Strangely, the 4875 address was missing from the 1974-1977 directories. But beginning with the 1978 book, the address was listed as Lion Crest Lounge.

Lion Crest Lounge continued at that address up to and including the 1981 directory.

The 1982 directory had a new business at that address: Selenti's Cafe Casata. By the 1983 book, however, it was the Lake Road Buffet Banquet Center. The address was listed as vacant in the 1984 book.

Finally, in 1985 a business was listed with some real staying power: The Galleon. The pub would continue to be listed at the 4875 address until around the 2010 directory.

Today the building sits on the south side of U.S. Route 6 just east of the Marathon service station with no signage to indicate that a business is housed there. It looks like it's in good shape, so I'll bet that we haven't seen the last business at that address.


Drew Penfield said...

Not quite the answer I was hoping for, but interesting nonetheless!

Dan Brady said...

Sorry, Drew!

-Alan D Hopewell said...

I recall the Galleon; it was known as a "hillbilly cheatin' bar."

Anonymous said...

Our family used to frequent the Roman Villa in the 1960's. I remember they had a toy box in the back room for the kids to get a free toy after dinner.

Chuck S