Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Carnegie Library in late afternoon

While killing time waiting to pick up my Selenti's Pizza on Friday, I drove around Lorain with my camera, checking to see if there were any good shots to be had in the late, late afternoon.

I was shocked – in a good way – to drive by the former Carnegie Library and see how beautiful it looked (above). Many of the ugly, overgrown trees surrounding it have been removed since the last time I photographed it (at left) and the view on Friday was almost picture postcard-perfect.

I was almost choked up when I took the photo. Kudos to the City of Lorain for the obvious TLC the grounds received.

In case you missed it, the building was in the news recently. It was announced a few days ago in the Morning Journal (here) that the Black River Historical Society may move into the building. Now that's great news.

All the scene needs now is the Stars and Stripes (see vintage postcard below).

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