Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ricci Tailors Ad – Jan. 12, 1956

Here's an ad for a landmark Downtown Lorain business: Ricci Tailors. It ran on January 12, 1956 in the Lorain Journal.

According to some information on a forum, the business dates back to around 1916 when D'Amico Ricci opened his tailor shop in Lorain. After his death in 1953, his son John "Al" Ricci took over the business.

The business closed after John Ricci passed away on January 11, 1996.

I had the privilege of owning a suit made by Ricci Tailors. When my senior year at Admiral King High School rolled around, my parents figured that there would be a lot of occasions for which I'd need a good suit. We bought a dark blue corduroy suit off the rack somewhere (Sears, think) for the colder months, but we went down to Ricci Tailors to have one made for the spring.

It was fun looking at the different fabrics. I'm not sure that I would pick the same material today: a lime green gabardine. But you have to remember, it was the era of the leisure suit (although I always wore a tie with that suit).

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Patrick Ricci said...

Wow -- that was my father's (and grandfather's) store. Very cool to see this!

Patrick Ricci