Monday, February 4, 2013

Meister Road Telephone Exchange Building Then & Now

This photo and caption from the January 3, 1956 Lorain Journal caught my eye recently while I was scrolling through microfilm at the library. (Click on it for a larger version.) Ever since I was a kid, I'd been curious about that small brick building at the southwest corner of Meister Road and Leavitt Road.

The 1956 article that accompanied the photo explained that the building was part of the company's expansion program due to the increasing number of customers in Lorain and around the county. The company anticipated adding about 2,250 new customers that year.

At the time of the photo, Lorain Telephone was laying conduits on Meister Road to house trunk lines from the new building to the main exchange.

When I went to shoot the "now" shot, I was fairly surprised to see how much the building itself had been expanded in the last 57 years. It just goes to show how you can drive by something for decades and not notice a change.

Anyway, here's the view that you would see today as you pulled out of the 7-11 convenience store onto Meister Road (below).

December 2012 view

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