Friday, September 7, 2012

1960s Sheffield Lake Businesses Then & Now

Old high school yearbooks can be a nice source of vintage photos of local businesses.

Here's a few photos from mid-1960s Brookside High School Leader yearbooks. They show how things used to look in Sheffield Lake along Lake Road (U.S. 6) in those days.

Here's a view looking east at the sign for Shoreway Lanes, with its great lettering as well as bowling ball and pin graphics. My brothers and I used to bowl there in a Saturday morning league in the late 1960s for a while; for us, the best part was the bowling alley's hotdogs – served up in toasted New England style split-top buns!

In the background is the old Phillips 66 gas station.

And here's the view from today. (Hey, it looks like the same leaning telephone pole in both shots.) The sign for the now-closed bowling alley is less interesting.

Just a few doors down to the east is where Lawsons used to be (which I covered back here.)

And even further to the east is where Gang's Food Fair used to be at 4646 E. Lake Road. Here's a 1966 shot (below). I did a history of the place back here.
And here's the "now" shot.
As you can see, the internet café at this location didn't make it.

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Ken said...

Man, did I love them hot dogs-- and a small coke too! Since we were a Pepsi famiy it was a treat.