Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tiller's Treasures: Russell Stover Sign

Shortly after my posts last week about Rusine's, I received an email from Jack Tiller with yet another photographic goodie attached: the vintage Russell Stover Candies sign that hung in the store (above).

As Jack explained, "This was given to me by Mr. Rusine as the place was closing down. I was always buying the latest Hot Rod Magazine and my dad would buy the Sporting News."

Jack knew exactly what souvenir of the store to ask for from Mr. Rusine. "Hated to see the place go, so I asked him if I could have this sign which hung behind the counter," said Jack. "I can still remember where it was."

Russell Stover Candies were always in our Easter baskets while I was growing up – along with Faroh's candies, of course!

Thanks again to Jack for sharing yet another of his great Lorain collectibles!

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