Friday, May 4, 2012

More Canada Dry Sign Recycling

I've driven by this sign (above) on Colorado Avenue for the Corner Store many times, vaguely appreciating the classic lines of its shape. As a graphic designer, I like things that are clean and simple.

On Sunday, while driving by the sign once again, I finally recognized it for what it was. Just like the Nationwide Theatrical sign on Broadway, it must be a repurposed Canada Dry sign!

An example of just such a sign is shown at right from the flickr site of a gentleman who goes by the name coreyu. The photo is also part of a whole collection of flickr photos connected with Canada Dry.

Although I'm a regular Vernors drinker, once in a while you feel like something different, and that's when I reach for the Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
For a while, the U.S. version of Canada Dry packaging ditched the iconic map of Canada on its labels in favor of some generic mountains. But the company wisely went back to the classic map design when the whole corporate look was redesigned a couple of years ago.

But getting back to the Corner Store sign. Sadly, James R. Edwards, the proprietor of the store, passed away back in 2002. The place is pretty much boarded up.


JIM said...

I remember when Jim opened The Corner Store back when I was in high school. After I moved from the area I would always stop by when I was back in town. I did not know that he had passed until I stopped in on one of those trips. He was a really nice guy to sit and talk with.

Drew Penfield said...

I remember going to the Corner Store several times as a kid. What an amazing place for anyone who likes model trains, especially a kid. I never had much money to buy anything but I loved looking at everything in the store and imagining the possibilities.

jack said...

Thats the third life for that sign it also was used as Edwards Towing prior to the corner store