Monday, April 9, 2012

Yes, you-know-what is now open!

I received a short but hilarious email last week from Kendra over at Moen. She must have been reading my blog from the beginning, because after wishing me a good morning, she stated, "I count on you every year to tell me when Dog 'n Suds is opening. No info yet?"

I thought it was funny, because last weekend I had a gnawing feeling (for chili dogs?) that it might be open already, although Sunday was only the first day of April. Needless to say I didn't make it over there due to lack of time.

Not only did Kendra bust me for negligence, she then emailed back later to tell me that her girl friend had called the drive-in and Dog 'n Suds was indeed open. Thus I failed in my effort to provide my readers with timely and important information. Sorry!

As you can see from the photo above, I did make it over this this past Saturday and picked up a half-gallon of their creamy root beer. The drive-in has been spruced up with a snappy green color scheme, and my cute car-hop confirmed to me that Ilene is still the owner.

So all is still right with the world. Be sure to make it over to Dog 'n Suds, there were way too many empty parking spaces when I was there! (It had just opened, however!)


Speaking of Dog 'n Suds (as I usually am), I found this ad for an Oberlin Dog 'n Suds in an April 23, 1962 Lorain Journal. Does anyone remember exactly where it was?


JIM said...

If I remember correctly it was south of town, almost to the intersection of 58 and US20. That was a long time ago. We used to go camping at Findlay State Park in Wellington in the 70s and would drive past there. Always wanted to stop but we never did. I think they were closed before the end of the 70s, or at least they were no longer a Dog-n-Suds. I think the building was still around for some time afterwards, minus the carport area of course.

-Alan D Hopewell said...

Have several for me! I've got Sonic Chili Cheese Footlongs down here.

Speaking of hot dogs, is O' Armours still open in Amherst?

Dan Brady said...

Hi Alan,
Hot Dog Heaven's still in business! Strangely enough--although I ate at their satellite restaurant in Avon a few times when it was open, I've never eaten at the Amherst store! I should rectify that sometime!

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is a year later (exactly) but I have been thinking a lot lately of this Dog n Suds because it was across the field from me in the 1960s and we use to go there a lot. I have been trying to find out as much as I can about it so thanks for the ad. In 1973 the owner sold it when he retired to FL and a dumb meat market went in there. Since then it has mostly been a drive through for beverages and is currently up for sale. It looks nothing like it did since an addition was added to it. It's located on the west side of Rt. 58, between Hamilton Street and Rt. 20. Sure wish someone would buy it, get the original blueprints and convert it back to what it was......

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for posting the location of the Oberlin Dog 'n Suds. I'd been wondering about that for a long time! Judging by an old C-T clipping I found, it looks like it became a meat market in 1976.

Anonymous said...

How are you finding these old clippings? Every time I go to the online papers and look for their archives I get nothing. The Oberlin Tribune is bound to have a picture of what this Dog n Suds looked like and I am dying to find one. We have many pictures taken out in my front yard from the 1960s and what is on Rt.58 is a blur.